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Google Home? I’m not ditching Alexa just yet

by Joey Davidson | October 4, 2016October 4, 2016 12:30 pm PST


Earlier today during its Pixel-focused event, Google provided more details about its in-home assistant. Dubbed Google Home, this device serves as a speaker with voice assistant technology baked in. It’s obviously connected to Google’s Assistant tech, and it makes use of Google to answer questions and perform tasks.

Google Home sells for $129, and it offers different colored bases for a little customization. If you’ve been standing on the sidelines so far for the in-home assistant tech category, I say put this one on the short list. It’s cheaper than the competition, and it’s bound to be a great product. Google Home will be wonderful, make no mistake.

For the rest of us?


My name is Joey, and I own an Amazon Echo. Alexa is a central part of my daily life. I’m an avid cook and split the load of running my house with my wife. Alexa is our Spotify player, our to-do list maker, our kitchen timer, our shopping list tracker, our quick access to Wikipedia and more.

I tuned into today’s Google event hoping to learn more about Google Home. I’m an Android user, I live on Gmail and I’ve recently turned to Google Calendar to serve as my lifeline for staying organized.

If the picture hasn’t formed yet, let me paint it for you. I want Google Home to complete my path into the Google ecosystem. I sound like I’m trying to be assimilated by a hive mind here, but it’s true. While I’ll always be wary of my security online, I personally see Google as one of the companies vying to become a pillar of my life online. I want that to happen, too.

As a working parent, I love the idea of a hands-free way to control my home, and one that blends itself into the monumental list of tasks I try to accomplish every day sounds wonderful. I want Google Home to be like Google Now (or Google Assistant, I suppose). I want it to predict my needs and meet me halfway. That’s why I was excited about today’s event.

Instead? We saw Google’s take on Alexa. I don’t want that. I have that. I don’t need more of that. I want Google to show me that I can’t live without it, and all we got today was a voice activated YouTube player that also does Alexa things.

Today? Google had the chance to wow me with its tech. Instead, it offered a pre-recorded presentation that I found far too easy to compare with my Alexa. Literally, I watched live and thought “I can already do that, though” again and again.

That’s not to say I won’t keep an eye on Google Home. Like I said, I’m sitting here like Creed with arms wide open for an in-home device from Google to fully take over. If Home launches and we see that it’s really able to answer questions naturally, I’ll pick one up. I will ditch Alexa for Google.

As the headline of this story suggests, though, I’m not there yet.

Joey Davidson

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