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Watch a true Pokémon champ beat the Elite Four leader with a Level 1 Rattata

by Ron Duwell | October 1, 2016October 1, 2016 4:00 pm PST

No tricks, no cheats. Just a lot of planning and strategy has turned one Pokémon adventurer into the ultimate champion by taking down the world’s strongest trainer with a level 1 Rattata.

YouTube user isleep2late captured the feat and uploaded it to his channel, explaining the “F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata)” he employed to conquer the nearly impossible feat.

It took me many, many attempts, but everything you see in this video actually happened. I used a modified F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata) where instead of using Quick Attack immediately after Endeavor, I Double Team while Steven uses a Full Restore (I’ve done this enough times to predict what the AI is going to do). Next turn I Endeavor again on 1 HP and HOPE that Skarmory doesn’t use Toxic or Aerial Ace and either uses Spikes or misses with Steel Wing. Afterwards, Rattata levels up to 15. I then proceed to Double Team 5 more times against Aggron, hope that all the attacking moves Steven uses from now on misses, use the remaining PPs for Endeavor, and kill the remaining Claydol, Carbink, Aerodactyl, and Metagross with Swagger. This strategy relied heavily on RNG and dumb luck, but it finally happened.

In other words, a good many attempts and luck went into making this happen. The Rattata also naturally gets stronger as the battle rages on since he can’t very well stay at level 1 for the entirety of the run, but even still, a level 25 Rattata doesn’t exactly hold up well when tackling level 70s and 80s of highest tiered Pokémon in the world.

I gave Rattata Super Fang hoping I could use it offensively should something go wrong with Endeavor. This was an HONEST misclick and mistake on my part to use Super Fang, but I myself wasn’t sure how I could kill Mega Metagross. I later looked up the move on Bulbapedia and turns out it deals exactly 1 damage if the opponent’s Pokemon is at exactly 1 HP, effectively knocking it out. This was again SHEER luck that Metagross was at exactly 1 HP.

Not bad at all. I always knew the little rat had it in him!

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