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Lenovo is making a Bluetooth gun controller, possibly for VR

by Jacob Kleinman | October 1, 2016October 1, 2016 7:00 am EST

Lenovo appears to be prepping a new gun controller for virtual or augmented reality gaming. The device recently passed through the FCC to have its Bluetooth capabilities checked out, revealing a lot of other information about the new gadget in the process.

The blaster almost looks like a scaled down version of Sony’s PSVR Aim controller. It’s covered with buttons, including three triggers, two joysticks, a directional pad and a classic ABXY layout. It also sports a haptic motor that vibrates when you pull the trigger to shoot, along with a USB port for charging and a battery indicator.

An included manual mentions that Lenovo’s gadget would be able to pair with Android devices over Bluetooth. That suggests it might be designed phone-powered virtual reality headsets, though it might work with augmented reality as well. It may even be designed for¬†Daydream, Google’s new Android-based VR platform set to launch as soon as next.

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