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iPhone 8: Is Apple giving the cold shoulder to Samsung for OLED?

by Todd Haselton | September 30, 2016September 30, 2016 7:30 am PST

Apple is reportedly in talks with Sharp to provide OLED panels for the rumored iPhone 8 (artist concept pictured above), expected a full year from now. This is the iPhone that many think will mark a big transition from Apple. It may mark the first big change in design since the iPhone 6 made its debut two years ago.

Apple is currently trying ┬áto make sure that Sharp can produce enough panels, Bloomberg said. This is in contrast to earlier reports that suggested Samsung will be the sole provider of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone. One such report suggested Apple had already ordered 100 million OLED displays from Samsung for the iPhone 8.

However, given the reported discussions around Sharp’s ability to output enough panels, it’s likely Apple is also trying to diversify its providers, making sure that it will have enough supply to meet demand. Additionally, Apple has been trying to cut down its reliance on Samsung, and Sharp would give it an edge to do so.

Bloomberg points to a recent announcement from Sharp that it will invest about a half a billion dollars in new factories to build OLED panels. With Apple as a customer, those plans are far less risky.


Todd Haselton

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