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Twitter now lets you create your own Moments

by Jacob Kleinman | September 28, 2016September 28, 2016 7:30 pm EST

Almost a full year after Twitter Moments first launched the company is finally opening it up to the public. Once the update hits you’ll be able to easily create your own Moment and share it on the social network or beyond.

To start head to your profile and open the new Moments tab. Then locate the “Create new Moment” button and click it. You’ll need to give your Moment a name and a quick description before picking tweets to include. Twitter will let you scroll through tweets you already Liked, search for new ones based on keywords, or add them directly by inserting a link. Finally, you’ll need to choose a cover photo, picking from the images already included in your Moment or adding a new one.

Once you’re done you can publish the Moment, tweet it out and embed it somewhere else online. Twitter also offers the option to save your draft by clicking “Finish Later” instead. The company hasn’t said exactly when it will be available, but it sounds like Moments will be open to the public pretty soon.

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Jacob Kleinman

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