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Amazon plans to leave packages INSIDE your house

by Jacob Kleinman | September 27, 2016September 27, 2016 5:30 pm PST

Amazon Prime boxes

Amazon already offers deliveries in just an hour through its Prime Now service, and last year the company tried delivering packages straight to the trunk of your car. Now the company may have a new plan to deliver items into your house instead of leaving them on the porch until you get home.

The Information reports that Amazon is teaming up with two smart home automation companies so the delivery person can actually enter your house or garage. The company is working with Autumn, which makes smart door locks, along with garage door automation startup Garageio. Both firms have pre-existing relationships with Amazon, and their products already work with its Alexa voice assistant.

If the new system is implemented, you’ll see the option to grant one-time access to your home or garage each time you place an order on Amazon. For customers, that means not having to worry someone will steal your package if you don’t get home quick enough. It also allows Amazon to use less packaging so it can cut costs and reduce waste.

Amazon is apparently already testing the new system in Seattle with one specific retailer, though it’s unclear how much demand there might be for the service. Smart locks aren’t exactly mainstream, though this new feature could convince more people to have one installed.

Jacob Kleinman

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