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Disney looking to buy Twitter

by Roy Choi | September 26, 2016September 26, 2016 2:30 pm EST


According to Bloomberg, The Walt Disney Company is looking into possibly making a bid for Twitter.

There have been plenty of potential buyers eyeing the social media company including Salesforce and Google. Google, which it has performed poorly with Wave and Google Plus, may want another shot at social media. Then again, it appears most interested parties really want all the data that is collected by Twitter.

It is interesting to consider why Disney might want to buy Twitter. Disney’s strategy has been about content (movies, programming, TV), not content distribution. Twitter has been making a push into video streaming on its platform, most noticeably Thursday Night Football. Coincidentally, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sits on the board of Disney, as does Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook.

This is all just hearsay for now, but that may change if Disney makes the best bid.

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