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Google Wifi router rumored for Oct. 4 event with smart capabilities

by Jacob Kleinman | September 23, 2016September 23, 2016 3:00 pm EST

Google just celebrated the one-year anniversary of its smart OnHub routers (pictured above) earlier this month, but the company could already be moving onto something new. A new report claims that a “Google Wifi” router could debut at the October 4 event where we’re expecting to see Google’s new Pixel smartphones unveiled. It allegedly costs $129.

The news comes from Android Police, which cites two reliable sources and rates the rumor with a confidence level of 9 out of 10. Google Wifi will apparently offer some smart features similar to OnHub, which boasts integration with Phillips smart lights, IFTTT support, seamless security updates and more.

The report also notes that Google Wifi could offer a “mesh” network feature by connecting multiple routers around the house, though that’s not really unique. You can turn most routers into repeaters, but it’s possible Google might simplify the setup process so all you need to do is plug each router in and you’re good to go. Android Police adds that this feature might not be available out of the box, and could arrive instead as a future software update.

Either way, we should learn more at Google’s big event next month. Beyond Pixel phones and the new router, the company is also expected to unveil a 7-inch tablet, a Chromecast with 4K support, a Daydream VR headset and final launch details for Google Home. So you should probably hold off on buying an OnHub—or really any Google hardware—until after the big announcement on October 4.

Android Police

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