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Monster Hunter Stories footage shows off its turn-based battles

by Ron Duwell | September 22, 2016September 22, 2016 7:00 pm PST

Sometimes when I talk about Capcom’s upcoming 3DS game, Monster Hunter Stories, I get a lot of questions from readers wondering exactly what kind of game it is. Fans of the main series wonder if it is an action-RPG similar to the formula they are used to or if it is something else, a standard RPG along the lines of Pokémon. This latest footage will hopefully put to rest any confusion that it is the latter of the two, a turn-based game through and through.

The off-camera footage comes to us from Tokyo Game Show 2016. Turn-based battles feature both the playable character and his monster as they fight side-by-side. While the player can’t directly control the monster, he can give general tactics for it to follow, and at the same time, he can choose the character’s own moves. When certain conditions are met, the two can join together to perform super attacks while he rides on the monster’s back.

Monster Hunter Stories is employing a new, and not to mention gorgeous, graphic engine that bursts with color and gives Monster Hunter a much more approachable feel for the Pokémon crowd. I don’t think there is any doubt that this game is going to be a gargantuan hit in its home country. Monster Hunter with an approachable Pokémon aesthetic and mindset is just going to light the audience on fire.

The big question now is if we’ll get it in the States or not. Monster Hunter has been doing very well for itself recently, hopefully well enough for Capcom to justify a localization. The problem, though, lies in the stiff competition provided by Pokémon and even Yo-kai Watch. That’s a three-way battle over the popular “monster training JRPG” genre, and the market might get a little crowded with Monster Hunter Stories.

We can only hope for the best, because it’s a really fun game. Monster Hunter Stories launches for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on Oct . 8.


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