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iPhone 8 concept design puts the iPhone 7 to shame

by Jacob Kleinman | September 22, 2016September 22, 2016 7:00 am EST

Apple is expected to roll out a fresh design for next year’s iPhone after relying on the same basic style for three years running. We still don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but a new concept design for the 2017 smartphone (potentially called the iPhone 8) makes the iPhone 7 look pretty boring by comparison.

These concept renders were created by Veniamin Geskin. He shared some of them with TechnoBuffalo directly and the rest were posted publicly through his Twitter account (link at the bottom of this article).

Geskin’s iPhone 8 concept combines a few popular theories. The device features a wrap-around display like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but falls short of the full-screen display some reports have promised. It adds a ceramic frame inspired by the new Apple Watch Edition Series 2. Geskin also includes wireless charging in some renders, subsequently removing the Lightning port for a super-slim design.

The results are stunning, even if some of the images are lacking in detail. The curved display looks awesome, though it’s not exactly an original idea. However, swapping aluminum for ceramic could certainly help set Apple apart from rivals like Samsung. Certain types of ceramic could also give the iPhone 8 an extremely durable design, and make it easier to add wireless charging.

Apple still has almost a year to go before it’s expected to unveil the next iPhone, leaving the company with plenty of time to consider its options. But if the final device ends up resembling this concept design we won’t complain when the iPhone 8 arrives.

Jacob Kleinman

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