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Samsung issues Galaxy Note 7 update to remind users of recall

by Killian Bell | September 21, 2016September 21, 2016 5:27 am EST

Samsung is pushing out an update to faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the U.S. that reminds users to return them for replacement. “Power down and stop using this phone,” the notice reads. “They battery may overheat posing a fire or burn risk.”

Despite informing Galaxy Note 7 users of the serious battery flaw, offering to replace handsets for free, and teaming up with the CPSC to issue a formal recall, Samsung says that just 25 percent of customers in the U.S. have handed back their original units so far.

The South Korean company wants to ensure that the other 75 percent of devices still in use won’t cause further damage to users and their property, so it wants to keep reminding them of the risk — and that they have a free replacement waiting.

With an update rolling out in the U.S. this week, Samsung is adding a warning notice to faulty devices that will appear every time they are powered on or plugged in to charge. It states that safety is Samsung’s top priority, and that the handset should be powered down and returned.

The notice also provides a phone number and web address, which users can use to find out more about getting their Note 7 replaced. The notice will not appear on new Note 7 handsets, which have been deemed safe by the CPSC.

It’s easy to tell whether your Galaxy Note 7 is unsafe, so there’s no excuse for not returning a potentially dangerous device. If you’ve been using your Note 7 since launch, then it will almost certainly need replacing as soon as possible.

Samsung confirmed this week that it has already sent its first batch of 500,000 Note 7 units to the U.S., and they are now available to purchase from all four major carriers.

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