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Dark Sky has a fancy new website to tell you when it’s going to rain

by Brandon Russell | September 21, 2016September 21, 2016 5:30 pm PST

One of the most popular weather apps has jumped from mobile to your browser. Now, over at (Dark Skynet?), users can get the same up-to-the-minute forecasts users have been enjoying on iOS and Android.

The site pretty much provides everything weather aficionados would expect, from daily forecasts to what the weather is expected to look like over the next seven days. You also get wind speed, UX Index, visibility, pressure, and more.

There’s also a weather map that’s situationally aware and changes depending on the most relevant information. Because it’s hot this week in Southern California, it’s showing the temperature in the surrounding areas. If it were raining, it would show a precipitation map, and so on and so forth.

Dark Sky also said it’s relaunching its weather API for developers under the Dark Sky brand, which means the name is being set aside. That’s partly why Dark Sky decided to introduce a brand new website.

“It has become clear that we shouldn’t have two distinct weather products, so today we’re launching a complete redesign of our website and pulling it into Dark Sky where it belongs,” said Dark Sky co-founder Adam Grossman.

According to Grossman, the interactive maps found on the company’s newly launched website are “some of the most beautiful and detailed maps you’re likely to see: from temperature, to radar, to wind, to UX index and more.”

You can check out the new website at


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