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iPhone 7 has amazing display, but OLED still better, experts say

by Todd Haselton | September 20, 2016September 20, 2016 12:30 pm PST

DisplayMate recently published its very thorough results of its tests on the iPhone 7 display. The LCD is so excellent that DisplayMate is curious why Apple doesn’t spend more time advertising the significant leaps it has made in its display technology since earlier iPhones, including even the iPhone 6s.

Still, DisplayMate said that, despite the brilliance of Apple’s LCD, it sees room for improvement with the future adoption of OLED.

“LCDs are great cutting edge high performance display technology for tablets to TVS,s but for handheld smartphones, OLED displays provide a number of significant advantages over LCDs including: being much thinner, much lighter, with a much smaller bezel providing a near rimless design, they can be made flexible and into curved screens plus they have a very fast response time, better viewing angles, and an always-on display mode,” DisplayMate said.

It reiterated that it believes Apple will move to OLED displays next year. Samsung adopted OLED screens many years ago and has been named as a potential supplier for Apple’s next iPhone.

You can dig deeper into DisplayMate’s report at the source link below.


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