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Sephiroth is super kawaii as he kills his way through World of Final Fantasy

by Ron Duwell | September 19, 2016September 19, 2016 8:00 pm PST

World of Final Fantasy is already shaping up to be a hit in its own right, and with a strong showing at Tokyo Game Show 2016, fans seem to be on board with this adorable spin-off. Cute versions Yuna, Edgar, Vivi, and Celes just aren’t enough though. Gilgamesh already broke down barriers as the first chibi-villain to wide applause.

And then this. The series’ most popular villain has just revealed himself for the first time, and he’s not pulling any punches on either the badass or the adorable scale. This is the first we’ve seen of Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth despite the character having a confirmed appearance for quite some time.

And it’s as great as we all expect! The legendary swordsman can be summoned into battle to aid the heroes in times of need. I’ve always pitched my tent in Camp Kefka for the series’ best villain, but I can’t shower this footage in anything but sheer love.

Check him out in the video above at the 24:13 marker.

World of Final Fantasy launches for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Oct. 25.


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