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iPhone 7 Plus outsells iPhone 7, early data shows

by Todd Haselton | September 16, 2016September 16, 2016 10:40 am PDT

Apple’s “Plus” model iPhone, the new iPhone 7 Plus, is reportedly more popular than its smaller counterpart for the first time ever, according to data from Slice Intelligence.

A report released by Slice recently shows that, out of the shoppers polled by the research firm, 55 percent of new iPhone buyers pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus while 45 percent pre-ordered the smaller iPhone 7 model. Slice also had some compelling insights into who was upgrading, including the percentage of folks who were coming from a Samsung device – perhaps even the Galaxy Note 7 that was recently recalled.

“We also observed that the iPhone upgrade cycle is ticking up: only 34 percent of iPhone 7 buyers hadn’t purchased a phone online since 2014, versus 40 percent of 6s buyers,” Slice Intelligence explained. “While there have been explosive reports about the Galaxy Note 7, only two percent of these shoppers bought a Samsung phone in the past two years.”

Black was the most popular iPhone 7 color with 46 percent of pre-orders, followed by jet black with 23 percent of early orders. Rose gold (15 percent), gold (9 percent) and silver (8 percent) rounded out the pack. Additionally, the 128GB model was the most popular with 67 percent of all pre-orders, followed by the 256GB model (19 percent) and the 32GB model (14 percent.)

Keep in mind that this data only represents data from the first 48 hours the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were available for pre-order. Think of this as a window into what iPhone loyalists and early adopters prefer.



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