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BioShock’s remastered PC versions are apparently not great

by Joey Davidson | September 16, 2016September 16, 2016 3:00 pm PST

As BioShock: The Collection makes its way to the PC platform, users are reporting the shoddy nature of the port and its scant graphical features. This is a free update to those who already own the games on PC, though it’s being sold as a complete collection as well.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that the PC ports of the remasters only feature graphical tweaks like resolution, anti-aliasing, vsync and anisotropic filtering. That’s down from what the original version had for settings, with stuff missing like texture and shadow tweaks.

There are also issues with mouse smoothing and the completely missing 5.1 surround sound options. There are problems with supporting higher resolution displays, too, with caps in place at 1920×1200 for some users.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a host of fixes that involve editing BioShock‘s .ini file, if you’re up to the rather simple task. You can check that out at the source below.

I’m running the game on PlayStation 4. It looks pretty nice. As much as I adore BioShock, this remaster kind of feels like an old game that’s just shinier. Is that okay by your standards?

Joey Davidson

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