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Bad news for Apple Watch Series 1 pre-orders at Best Buy

by Todd Haselton | September 16, 2016September 16, 2016 5:30 pm EST

Best Buy has some bad news for folks who tried to order the new Apple Watch Series 1 for pickup today (launch day.) The retailer is now sending out emails suggesting that the new wearable won’t be in stock until the middle of next month. Ouch.

‘The item listed below is taking longer to fulfill than we anticipated,” one such email posted to Reddit said. “However, we do expect it to arrive at your door by 10/13/2016.” That’s almost a full month after launch. Best Buy has reportedly had similar issues with the Apple Watch Series 2, though that only appears to be delayed by a few days, not an entire month.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” one Redditor wrote in a reaction. “It is currently 3AM here in California, and I have to call them up first thing in the morning to get this [bs] resolved. We’re not even getting the $50 that Series 2 preorders got for their shipping delays. Never again Best Buy, never again.”

Either Apple is seeing unexpected demand or went into this iPhone 7 and Apple Watch launch without enough supply. Verizon and Apple Store locations won’t have the iPhone 7 Plus in stock today, either.


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