SEGA encourages fan games while taking a blatant jab at Nintendo

by Ron Duwell | September 14, 2016


Nintendo has been on the receiving end of some heat thanks to its strict stance on fan games. Popular games like AM2R, Pokémon Uranium, and even the off-beat No Mario’s Sky have all been served DMCA takedowns over the past month, leaving those loyal to the brands a little peeved in the process.

Meanwhile, SEGA continues to lose its collective mind by not only ignoring fan games but rather, actively encouraging them! Green Hill Paradise Act 2 has a emerged as the best Sonic game in quite a while, and the fact that SEGA had nothing to do with it adds even more to its reputation.

And naturally, when Sonic the Hedgehog’s YouTube account found out about the game, it did exactly what fans expected. It encouraged further projects while stoking the flames Nintendo is trying its hardest to smother.


Whoever is running that YouTube account deserves a big pay-raise, at the expense of SEGA’s recent fan-relations attempts coming off as a “whatever sticks” approach. The best part is that SEGA currently has two really promising Sonic the Hedgehog games in development, so nobody can accuse it of abandoning its trademark.


Ron Duwell

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