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Pokémon GO is bound for Android Wear, too, datamine reveals

by Joey Davidson | September 14, 2016September 14, 2016 11:40 am PST

When it comes to press conferences, companies can sometimes obscure the truth about platform exclusivity. That was the case with Super Mario Run during Apple’s recent keynote. Of course, we all knew Mario was bound for more than just iOS when it was mentioned that he’d be there first.

Thanks to the data mining work of Pokémon GO Hub, we now know that Pokémon GO will hit Android Wear in addition to releasing for the Apple Watch.

While mining version 0.37.0 of Pokémon GO on Android, the site discovered a project that referenced Pokémon GO specifically for Android Wear, and the site even noticed that the code is “marked as complete and release ready.” You won’t need the app open to catch Pokémon as it works in the background, and a “variety of Android Wear devices” are supported.

The code did not indicate a release date, of course, but rest assured knowing that it’s on its way.

Pokémon GO Hub

Joey Davidson

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