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Batman’s new “Tactical Batsuit” from Justice League revealed by Zack Snyder

by Brandon Russell | September 14, 2016September 14, 2016 2:15 pm PST


Lest we forget there’s a Justice League movie coming out next year, Zack Snyder on Wednesday released an image revealing Batman’s new “Tactical Batsuit.”

The suit is clearly an upgrade compared to what we saw in Batman v Superman. For one, it includes a pair of goggles, something that will no doubt give Batman the ability to see through walls or at the very least clothes.

Meanwhile, it looks like it provides him with much more protection but is still relatively agile. Seeing as the best part of Batman v Superman was watching the dark knight wreck an entire room of baddies, chances are he’ll be dishing out a lot of punishment in his new digs.

Affleck is looking as swoll as ever in the suit, too. The goggles also give his look an “I’m ready to party” vibe. Maybe this is how Affleck’s version of Batman dresses up.

According to Zack Snyder, the movie is currently in the homestretch of filming, which means we’re that much closer to its November 2017 release.


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