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More than 70 Galaxy Note 7 units have overheated in U.S. alone

by Killian Bell | September 13, 2016September 13, 2016 4:12 am EST

It seems Samsung may not have been entirely truthful about how many Galaxy Note 7 handsets have overheated due to a serious battery flaw. According to the Canadian government, more than 70 devices have overheated in the U.S. alone since the device first went on sale.

Samsung confirmed earlier this month that it has seen 35 confirmed cases of overheating Galaxy Note 7 handsets worldwide, which prompted the company to recall all 2.5 million handsets sold and replace them with brand new ones.

But the actual figure could be a lot bigger than that. A report from the Canadian government reveals that Samsung “has received over 70 reported cases in the United States,” one of which even destroyed a family’s Jeep, while another burned a six-year-old boy.

Of course, it’s likely Samsung’s figure was accurate when it was first reported on September 1, but the number of cases has continued to rise since then as Galaxy Note 7 owners carry on using their devices despite Samsung’s warnings.

However, the South Korean company still states 35 reported cases in all of its online documentation regarding the battery issue and the Galaxy Note 7 recall process.

If you haven’t already returned your Galaxy Note 7 for a replacement, it’s a great idea to do so before yours decides to blow up while charging.

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