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iOS 10 is bricking iPhones, don’t update yet! (Updated)

by Jacob Kleinman | September 13, 2016September 13, 2016 11:09 am EST

We’re seeing a lot of reports that iOS 10 is bricking iPhones and other iOS devices shortly after its release. If you haven’t updated, yet you may want to hold off a little bit longer to see if Apple can fix the issue.

The bug doesn’t seem to be affecting every iPhone, but it also appears to be relatively common. Two people in the TechnBuffalo office have an iPhone 6 and only one got bricked by the update. My roommate’s iPhone 6s went into recovery mode when he tried to update. Another friend had the same issue with the iPhone 6s but said he tried the update a second time and it worked.

Updating to iOS 10 might be a risky move at the moment. It’s probably not a bad idea to wait a little longer and see what happens. We’ll let you know if Apple makes any official statements on the issue.

Update: If you do end up bricking your iPhone on iOS 10 you should be able to restore it through iTunes with a recent backup. Just make sure to click on “Update” instead of “Reset” once iOS 10 is finished downloading.

Update #2: Apple has issued an official statement saying it’s already resolved the issue. The company claims it only affected a “small number of users” in the first hour that iOS 10 was available. If the update did brick your phone you should connect to iTunes or contact AppleCare directly.

Jacob Kleinman

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