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2017 iPhone again said to feature edge-to-edge display, virtual home button

by Jacob Kleinman | September 13, 2016September 13, 2016 8:30 am PST

The iPhone 7 might look a lot like the last few models, but Apple is apparently planning a big redesign for 2017. We’ve already heard plenty about the 2017 iPhone, which could feature an edge-to-edge display. A fresh report from The New York Times reiterates some of those claims.

The newspaper actually snuck the new iPhone rumor right into its review for the current iPhone 7. Near the end of the piece, The New York Times notes that many of the internal changes included in Apple’s latest smartphone actually pave the way for next year’s drastic redesign. The device will allegedly feature a “full-screen face with the virtual button built directly into the screen,” according to two anonymous insiders.

The iPhone 7 already swaps the physical home button for a virtual one but leaves the traditional design to help ease the transition. By 2017, the company could build its new button right into the display. The phone’s front-facing camera would also presumably sit behind the screen assuming Apple can actually pull off a truly bezel-less design.

There’s still a bit of confusion when it comes to the 2017 iPhone. Conflicting reports have claimed the device could feature a curved display like the Galaxy Note 7. It might also sport an all-glass design instead of the usual aluminum frame. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the device, but based on this latest report it seems pretty clear Apple is planning something big for next year’s iPhone.

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