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Google Pixel Launcher appears ahead of rumored devices

by Brandon Russell | September 12, 2016September 12, 2016 12:30 pm PST

Remember the unofficial release of that Nexus Launcher, said to come stock on Google’s upcoming Marlin and Sailfish devices? Well, a new update, courtesy of LlabTooFeR, reveals the launcher’s name has been changed. I’ll give you one guess why.

Following rumors that Google would release two “Pixel” devices this fall, the Nexus Launcher’s name has been changed to reflect Google’s new preference. Now, the unreleased launcher is simply known as the Pixel Launcher, adding more evidence to the report that the Nexus name is being retired.

As for the update to the Pixel Launcher, there don’t appear to be any major new features. However, the latest version is up to 7.1-xxxx, so it would seem Google’s upcoming handset could indeed launch with Android 7.1 Nougat.

We did a brief hands-on with the Nexus Launcher last month, which ditches the app drawer icon in favor of a drawer that slides up from the bottom. Additionally, there’s a Google tab that quickly pulls up search rather than a persistent bar always sitting on your home screen.

Google is reportedly going to introduce its new Pixel devices early next month, so it shouldn’t be long until we know more.

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