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Blue Origin New Glenn rocket will bring humans into orbit

by Jacob Kleinman | September 12, 2016September 12, 2016 6:30 pm EST


Blue Origin is already capable of sending a reusable rocket into suborbital space and landing it back on earth. Now the Jeff Bezos-founded company has revealed plans for a new reusable rocket that will bring cargo and humans into orbit.

The New Glenn is named after John Glenn, the first U.S. astronaut to orbit Earth. It’s a huge rocket with a 23-foot diameter and a height ranging between 270-233 feet depending on the upper stage setup. One upper stage can reach lower Earth orbit while two upper stages can go even higher.

Blue Origin’s planned rocket will be powered by seven BE-42 engines, which are currently in development by the company. Combined that would offer 3.85 million pounds of thrust. That’s less than the planned SpaceX Falcon Heavy, which should be smaller than New Glenn but is expected to offer 5 million pounds of thurst.

Bezos also teased a future rocket called the New Armstrong. He didn’t offer many details on that one, though based on the name maybe it will bring humans and cargo to the moon. As for the New Glenn, it should be ready for liftoff by the end of decade.

Jacob Kleinman

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