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PIC: Flexible, wearable, attachable camera for everyday

by Roy Choi | September 10, 2016September 10, 2016 11:00 am PST

Here’s PIC, this funny looking camera built by Boud is one part action cam, one part wearable, and one part livestreaming camera. The bendable arm attaches to your arm, backpack, tree branch, bike, car, dog collar and just about anything you can bend Pic’s tentacle around.

PIC offers Full HD (1080p, 30fps) video recording, an 8MP camera, 16GB of storage (1 hour of video recording), it’s splash proof (IPX7), has a 135-degree wide-angle lens and sports low-energy Bluetooth 4.0. Part of the beauty of PIC is its relatively low price, just $149.99, and you don’t have to buy any other accessories to attach the camera to your gear, unlike GoPros or other action cams. You can customize the camera head with detachable pieces, like horns, hair, etc.

PIC’s founders say they get a kick out of how people find new places and ways to attach the camera. Parents use it as baby monitors, drivers can use them as camera recorders on rear view mirrors, or attach them to pets to get Fido approved POV shots.

PIC has an accompanying app that allows you to livestream video feeds from the camera to your phone or tablet. You can plug in to your computer or phone and edit photos and videos. You can continue to use the PIC while it is plugged in too, so if you’re going on an extra long excursion, you can plug in to your external battery pack to continue journaling your adventures.

PIC originally went the route of crowdfunding, fulfilling its goals and orders through Indiegogo. Now it is on its way to a full public release, with units first hitting Amazon. PIC’s founders hope to have them available this season in time for holiday shoppers.

What appeals to me is I could take PIC on vacation and attach it to my backpack, shirt or bike without having to buy (and carry) extra attachments. PIC reminds me a lot of what I really enjoyed about DropCam, an easy to use camera product that just works.

Keep your eye out for PIC as it hits online and retail stores.

We saw Boud’s PIC as part of the ‘Made In Korea’ event in Seoul. TechnoBuffalo was invited to this event and was asked to judge participants. Boud was awarded one of three “best of “ awards for PIC.  

Roy Choi

Roy Choi is a Southern California native. He has been infatuated with technology reviews ever since he bought his first crummy laptop in the summer...