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Project Fi group plans could be coming soon

by TechnoBuffalo Team | September 9, 2016September 9, 2016 11:40 am EST

Google’s Project Fi is already a pretty awesome service, but the company could be prepping a huge new feature.

Android Police dug into the recent Project Fi APK and found that Google appears to be paving the way for group plans. The code also details a system for group administrators to control their plan and even cut off specific members.

If someone uses too much data, the administrator could let them know in a variety of ways. The APK details how you could cut someone off and then set Project Fi to automatically add them back manually or after a set amount of time has passed . There’s also an option to remove someone from the group entirely.

It’s unclear if Project Fi group plans are meant for smaller groups like families, or large companies that provide smartphones for their employees. The code doesn’t mention how pricing would work, and we don’t know whether data would be divided up or kept in a single shared bucket.

There’s also no word on when Project Fi group plans might be available to the public. Android Police notes that just because the feature showed up in Google’s code doesn’t mean it will ever get an official launch, but it’s clearly something the company is considering.

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