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Apple quietly hikes prices for iPhone 7, iPad Pro and more in U.K.

Apple has quietly hiked prices for the iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and a number of other products in the United Kingdom. Fans will now pay at least £60 (approx. $80) more for an iPhone, £20 (approx. $27) more for Apple Pencil, and £50 (approx. $67) more for iPad Pro.

Last year, the cheapest iPhone 6s cost £539 (approx. $719) in the U.K., but the iPhone 7 now starts at £599 (approx. $800). The price increase for the larger model is even bigger; while iPhone 6s Plus started at £619 (approx. $826), iPhone 7 Plus starts at £719 (approx. $960).

You might assume that this is because each model now comes with more storage, starting at 32GB and rising all the way to 256GB — but Apple hasn’t hiked any of its prices in the U.S. following the iPhone 7’s unveiling on Wednesday.

That means the increase is purely related to the weakening of the pound, which is a result of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

Other products that have seen prices hikes include the Apple Pencil, which is now priced at £99 (approx. $132) up from £79 (approx. $105), and the Apple Watch Sport band, which is now £49 (approx. $65) up from £39 (approx. $52).

iPad Pro, which had its price cut in the U.S., is also more expensive in the U.K. Prices start at £549 (approx. $733) for the 32GB model with a 9.7-inch display, up from £499 (approx. $666). The 12.9-inch model now starts at £729 (approx. $973) up from £679 (approx. $907).

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