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Apple Watch Series 2 price and release date revealed

by Jacob Kleinman | September 7, 2016September 7, 2016 10:54 am EST

The Apple Watch Series 2 has finally arrived. Apple unveiled its second-generation smartwatch at an event today in California. The Apple Watch Series 2 costs $369. Pre-orders start on September 9, and sales start the following week.

The Apple Watch Series 2 offers a few major improvements. One big addition is integrated GPS, which will connect to satellites instantly. That means your smartwatch should be able to track your location even without a synced smartwatch. Apple is also opening up the GPS to developers so they can use it for third-party apps.

The new smartwatch is also water-resistant so you can wear it while swimming. Apple says it had to totally redesign the device to keep it safe from water. The built-in speaker can even eject water once you’re done swimming.

The Apple Watch Series 2 display is twice as bright as the original at 1000 nits. It also packs a faster dual-core S2 processor. Apple didn’t say how any of this will affect battery life, which is likely a major concern for anyone using the first Apple Watch.

Additionally, Apple is upgrading the original Watch with a new S2 processor and rebranding it as the Series 1. It costs $269 and pre-orders begin on September 9 alongside the Apple Watch Series 2.


Jacob Kleinman

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