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Suicide Squad: Just how much of it was real—hardly anything

by Danny Zepeda | September 4, 2016September 4, 2016 4:00 pm EST

The ebbs and flows Suicide Squad has experienced over the past month have been neck breaking. The early buzz died quickly with horrid reviews and put a dent in the excitement of the movie. Many tried to focus on the positive, such as Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s performances, but it looks like the visual effects are the best part of the movie, because most of it was not real.

When a movie comes out, you never really know how much is real and how much of it was put in in post-production. It looks like Suicide Squad found much of its identity in post-production. Moving Picture Company published some pictures that highlight just how much CGI was used in Suicide Squad and reveal how seamless it looks when you’re watching the movie.

Some of the scenes of note are the Harley Quinn helicopter fall and the introduction of prison keeping the gang of bad guys locked up. It’s always interesting to see how simplistic a shot looks when shot on set and then seeing the finished product. It makes you respect the actors a lot more because they have almost nothing to work with.

It’s all cool and all, but it also reminds you how movies are just an optical illusion. Almost everything we see in the movie turns out to be CGI; from landscapes to characters, it was all crafted together by artists, designers and computers.

Check out the images above to see for yourselves.

Danny Zepeda

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