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Google OnHub celebrates 1-year anniversary with an awesome new feature

by Jacob Kleinman | September 3, 2016September 3, 2016 6:00 am PST

Google celebrated the one-year anniversary of OnHub this week and rolled out a pretty cool new feature to mark the occasion. Thanks to a partnership with Phillips Lighting you can now control your smart lights using OnHub.

To try the new feature all you need is some Phillips smart lights and an OnHub router. Then grab any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi and type “On.Here” into the browser to quickly take control of the lights. That means you don’t need to download yet another app and then swipe through your phone to find it anytime you want to turn the light on.

Google also took the opportunity to highlight some of the other features that makes OnHub so much more than a regular Wi-Fi router. For example, earlier this year the company added support for If This Then That (IFTT), giving the router its first smart home capabilities. OnHub also scans for the fastest possible Wi-Fi channel automatically and receives seamless security updates from Google.

The company offers special outer shells to decorate your OnHub, and even lets you design your own. The Asus-made model also features a special “Wave Control” gesture so you can tell the router to boost speeds for a specific pre-selected device by simply passing your hand over the OnHub.

You can buy an OnHub now for as little as $179.99 from Google, and if you already own one keep an eye out for the latest update.

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Jacob Kleinman

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