Yuneec Breeze drone first look: A kick-ass and affordable new drone

by Todd Haselton | September 2, 2016

Yuneec, best known for its expensive and professional drones, recently launched a more affordable and consumer-friendly drone during the IFA trade show in Berlin. It’s called the Yuneec Breeze, and it’ll retail for about 499 Euros, far cheaper than its other products.

You don’t get crazy-long flight-time or other options available in more expensive drones — the Yuneec Breeze is limited to 12 minutes, after all. But you’ll get 4K video recording, a 13MP camera for pictures and 117-degrees field of view. It also has built-in white balance controls so your images and video look crisp and clear without any sort of light distortion.

There are smart functions, too. The Breeze has five flight automated flight modes for flying a specific path, following you, snapping selfies and more. When you want, you can use the Breeze app to take full manual control over the drone, too.

I was impressed by the small size and lightweight design in my brief hands-on period, and it felt solidly built — as though a few crash landings won’t damage it beyond future flight. Just in case you want some extra armor, though, there are propeller guards that help keep the blades safe if you decide to fly the Yuneec Breeze indoors.

I haven’t been able to play with many drones given I don’t have much of a budget to buy new ones, but the Yuneec Breeze may finally get one in my hands.


Todd Haselton

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