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BMW finally adds CarPlay, as an add-on

by Jacob Kleinman | September 1, 2016September 1, 2016 7:00 pm PST

While some carmakers were quick to adopt CarPlay, BMW has been holding off for years. Now the German company is finally bringing Apple’s infotainment system to its cars, though you’ll have to pay an extra $300 to have it enabled when you purchase a new vehicle.

Starting today, CarPlay is available for the majority of BMW’s lineup. That includes the 2 through 7 series, along with the premium X and M series. However, it’s still not available for the electric i3, hybrid i8, the M5 Sedan and the 440i Coupe.

Despite holding off on CarPlay for so long, BMW actually has a history of working closely with Apple. It was the first carmaker to add iPod integration. The two companies also allegedly considering working together on Cupertino’s mysterious “Project Titan” car but called it quits after disagreeing on how to protect driver data. Thankfully, that didn’t stop the German firm from eventually coming around on CarPlay.

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Jacob Kleinman

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