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iPhone 8 (2017 model) may copy Samsung’s iris scanner

by Jacob Kleinman | August 31, 2016August 31, 2016 11:00 am EST

Apple is expected to go all out next year for the 2017 iPhone, which will mark the device’s 10-year anniversary. That allegedly means a futuristic design with an edge-to-edge display, and a new report claims it could also introduce an iris scanner to the iPhone.

The news comes from Chinese site MoneyDJ, which claims Taiwan firm Xintec will start producing the necessary chips next year. Xintec reportedly declined to comment on the report. However, the company is apparently affiliated with TSMC, which is expected to supply the A10 processors for this year’s iPhone 7.

Adding an iris scanner to the 2017 iPhone could give Apple fans a more secure way to lock their devices. Eye-recognition requires more complex patterns than a fingerprint reader so it’s tougher to fake. Samsung already includes the technology in its new Galaxy Note 7, though by all accounts the fingerprint scanner is still a more convenient option.

Apple would presumably offer both Touch ID and an iris scanner with the 2017 iPhone. The company is rumored to embed its fingerprint reader and front-facing camera directly into the display for next year’s smartphone, though whether Cupertino’s engineers can actually pull that off remains to be seen.

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