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Nintendo NX controller to feature “Share button” and split d-pad

by Joey Davidson | August 30, 2016August 30, 2016 9:30 am PST

PlayStation 4, Share Button, Angle

Some more information concerning the future of Nintendo’s upcoming NX and its controller has come to light. This time, Let’s Play Video Games has it that the NX controller will feature a social, “Share” button as well as a split d-pad. The site notes that this information comes from “the current version of the NX development hardware,” and they rightfully assert that this could change between now and retail release.

The “Share” button, according to LPVG‘s anonymous sources, is similar to what Sony offers on their DualShock 4. The site offers that the button “will apparently allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It will also be possible to save images or video to external memory devices for easier transfer to PC.”

Right, so what do I mean by “split d-pad?” Fair question. Consider the direction pads Nintendo currently employs (and has employed since forever); they’re a single piece on a rocker, right? The Nintendo NX controller reportedly features a d-pad that has each direction split by button. What other company does this?

Not a fan of this possibility, friends. I don’t mind the buttons on the DualShock 4 with modern games. Then again, the games I play on the PlayStation 4 aren’t like the games I play on my Wii U or played on my Wii. Consider this split-up d-pad on the NX and what it means for playing Virtual Console games, which the console will more than likely feature. Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NX with a split d-pad? Blech, no thanks.

To add veracity to this report, industry insider Emily Rogers used her private Twitter account to indicate that the social button “has truth,” and that it’s “unknown whether d-pad will be solid or split in the final retail product.” You can see screenshots of her tweets at the NeoGAF link below.

What do you think about these new rumors? Nintendo seems to be pursuing Sony’s take on social enhancements with the NX with the “Share” style button. That, I think, is cool. Like I said about the d-pad, though, no thanks.

Joey Davidson

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