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Photo leak hints at bigger battery for Apple Watch 2

The second-generation Apple Watch could boast a larger battery to address one of the biggest complaints fans have with the existing model. A leaked photo of a battery pack said to be for the 42mm device reveals it is 36 percent bigger than an original Apple Watch battery.

The first-generation Apple Watch comes with a 246mAh battery if you buy the larger 42mm model, and although this offers a full day of use for the vast majority of users, it’s unlikely you’re going to get much more than that if you use the device frequently.

The image above suggests that the 42mm Apple Watch 2 will have a 334mAh battery, which should give users more time in between charges. But there are other factors that could prevent that from being the case.

Although a bigger battery would indicate a longer life span, the increased capacity could be offset by new features. Some reports have suggested that Apple Watch 2 will have a built-in GPS, barometer, and other new sensors, which could require more power.

Once you add those things into the mix, then, it could be that battery life remains roughly the same — but we won’t know for certain what to expect until Apple makes the Apple Watch 2 official this fall. It’s also unclear at this point how big the 38mm model’s battery will be.

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