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OnePlus revealing “something special” this week, all signs point to new earbuds

by Jacob Kleinman | August 23, 2016August 23, 2016 11:45 am EST

OnePlus casually announced on Tuesday that it’s unveiling “something special” later this week on August 25. The company also released a short video, which seems to suggest it could be prepping a new set of earbuds to replace the aging OnePlus Icons .

The video shows a closeup of a vinyl record playing an upbeat jazz tune. Hovering just above the record, there’s some other round metal object with what looks like a black wire coming out the bottom. It almost looks like an earbud, though the design seems a little off.

The focus on music and that mysterious image suggests we could be looking at a new pair of OnePlus earbuds. Maybe even one with a USB-C connector designed for the OnePlus 3 (which also sports a headphone jack), along with competing smartphones like the Moto Z.

Of course, the company could also surprise us with something else entirely. Other guesses floating around online include a new mobile battery pack with Dash Charge support, a new variant of the OnePlus 3, or even a sequel to the OnePlus X. But the safest bet is probably a new pair of earbuds.

OnePlus isn’t leaving us much time to speculate. The official unveiling is just a few days away so stay tuned to find out what the company has planned. For now, check out the original OnePlus Icons in the gallery below.


Jacob Kleinman

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