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Experience the new gaming hit Layers of Fear for under $10

by Danny Zepeda | August 23, 2016August 23, 2016 11:00 am EST


When video game experts like the guys at GameRadar, Kotaku, and GameSpot go to bat for a new game release, you should listen. And noted critics are talking up the atmospheric new creepfest Layers of Fear from Bloober Team.

Thanks to TechnoBuffalo, you can pick up this first-person psychological thriller right now for your PC for just $9.99 – 50% off its retail price.

In Layers of Fear, you control an insane 19th century painter – and see the world through his distinctly unhinged eyes – as he scours his environment, even his own mind, to solve arcane puzzles in the pursuit of completing his artistic masterpiece.

And critics agree — it’s weird, visually mesmerizing…and a whole lot of fun.

“One of the best horror games ever made.” – GameRadar

“One of the biggest horror surprises of the year.” – Kotaku

“Fear. Pure fear.” – Digitally Downloaded

“Smart, spooky and psychedelic.” – Official Xbox Magazine UK

Deconstruct reality with a crazy person, finish your landmark painting and marvel at tackling an engaging and truly frightening game experience that’s wonderfully unique across the gaming scene.

Layers of Fear is available now via Steam for Mac, Windows or Linux users. You don’t often find critically-acclaimed, genre-busting game releases forunder $10, so jump on this deal now before it expires.

Danny Zepeda

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