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Pokémon GO user played so much that Niantic punished him for cheating

by Joey Davidson | August 22, 2016August 22, 2016 8:00 am PST

I don’t think Niantic accounted for a player like Jimmy Derocher when they developed their anti-cheating measures for Pokémon GO. Jimmy received what’s called a “soft ban,” which stops experience gain for 24 hours, over the weekend because Niantic’s software assumed he was cheating.

That’s not the case. In an effort to prove that players could wrack up 1,000,00 experience in one weekend, Derocher created what many have dubbed “Jimmy’s Loop,” a walking route that covered 10 PokéStops within a 0.2 mile radius.

jimmy's loop

His plan worked, obviously. He didn’t reach 1,000,000 experience, but he gathered it so fast that Niantic automatically soft banned his account, making it so that Pokémon would flee for 24 hours.

He continued his loop, streaming and raising money for charity, but Derocher didn’t meet his goal. He continued to spin PokéStops, but the experience gain simply wasn’t enough.

Niantic didn’t respond to his requests to remove the ban, despite the fact that it was misplaced.


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