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Samsung Connect Auto lets you know when someone’s jacking your car

by Todd Haselton | August 19, 2016August 19, 2016 1:30 pm PST

Samsung launched a new product on Thursday in tandem with the Galaxy Note 7. It’s called “Connect Auto,” and it’s capable of creating a 4G LTE hotspot inside your car while also providing diagnostics information. Connect Auto was first announced back in February.

Connect Auto plugs right into your car’s onboard diagnostic port, often just under the steering wheel, and connects to your smartphone to alert you of vehicle movement – in case someone tries to jack your car. It also offers diagnostic reports on your car’s engine, electronics and transmission, in addition to data on your driving habits. It’s protected by Samsung KNOX security, which means all of the data from your car is encrypted.

Most folks will probably appreciate its hotspot feature most. Samsung is partnering with AT&T to offer data subscriptions. Up to 10 different people will be able to access the Connect Auto’s hotspot at once, perfect for folks who have passengers trying to get online with laptops or tablets during long car rides.

Connect Auto is available from AT&T’s website today for $0 down with a two-year data agreement or $109.99 without a commitment. It’ll be available in AT&T stores beginning September 9.

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