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Metal Gear Survive Gamescom 2016 screenshots – Zermbers!

By now, the world has had a chance to digest this idea of Metal Gear Survive. The co-op 4-player game struck a wave of emotions around the net, and many are having a hard time accepting that this is Konami’s next plan for the franchise.

Look, I get it. Everyone both hates Konami and loves fuming at it these days, and the idea of Metal Gear without Hideo Kojima at the helm is a strange prospect for many. However, immediate dismissal isn’t the way to go. Just like Next Level Games’ Metroid: Federation Force, even this deserves a chance to prove itself.

Right away, fans began comparing the game to Capcom’s 4-player Resident Evil game, Umbrella Corps, as a way to deride the decision to make this game, but I haven’t seen any comparisons to Call of Duty’s zombies mode, which is usually looked upon in a more positive light. Why can’t it be that?

Please remember, “Konami” is just a brand name. There are still real, talented human beings working on this game and chastising them for remaining with a company that gamers aren’t happy with is insulting. I have mixed feelings about this just like everyone else, but I’ve looked past my knee-jerk reactions. Game developers need to work, and this is the best way or now to avoid Konami laying off a bunch of our fellow human beings.

Metal Gear Survive will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017. Let’s wait and see how it turns out.


Ron Duwell

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