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Bizarre: Microsoft mocks its own product in anti-iPad Pro ad

by Todd Haselton | August 17, 2016August 17, 2016 6:38 am EST

Microsoft, which is working ever harder to support Android and iOS, just won’t give up on mocking Apple’s iPad. A new commercial published on the company’s Surface YouTube channel continues to promote the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 over the iPad Pro.

“I’m a computer now, like you,” the iPad Pro says in the ad. “So you have more power, like an Intel Core i7 processor?” the Surface Pro 4 responds. The iPad Pro certainly doesn’t offer that sort of processor, but it’s also thinner, lighter and more affordable than the Surface Pro 4 with that chip.

Oddly, Microsoft even mocks its own product, pointing out that the iPad Pro only runs the “app version” of Microsoft Office, while the Surface Pro 4 runs a full version. If you’ve been following with Microsoft’s software updates, you’d think the company is more than proud of the “app version” it puts down in this commercial. It’s used by millions of people and it’s an exceptional product, even compared to the full version. Of all the things to knock, why pick software someone else at your company continues to develop?

The ad continues with obvious shots at the iPad Pro’s lack of a trackpad and external ports. I’ve used both computers extensively and there are pros and cons to each, many of which aren’t even mentioned in this quick clip. I think most of our readers know the ins and outs well enough at this point that the comparisons are kind of bogus. Check out the ad below:

Todd Haselton

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