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No Man’s Sky players are getting stranded due to pre-order bonus glitch

by Eric Frederiksen | August 12, 2016August 12, 2016 6:00 am EST

Finding yourself stranded is one of the worst feelings, whether it’s on the side of the road, a deserted island, or the far reaches out outer space. That last one, though, is one that some No Man’s Sky players are running into thanks to a pre-order bonus skipping over a crucial step in game-startup.

To jump from one system to another, you need a ship with hyperdrive. Normally, the first ship you run into is without such a luxury, and the game takes you through finding the resources to craft one, providing a blueprint to work off of. From then on, if you pick up a new ship, you can build a new hyperdrive for it and continue your quest.

Those who pre-ordered the game, though, are entitled to a sweet pre-order ship that comes pre-installed with hyperdrive. If you choose that option, though, the game never takes you through the process of building the contraption yourself, and you never pick up the blueprint. And that’s extremely rare.

There are a couple ways to avoid the glitch.

The first is to wait on picking up your dope new pre-order ship until after you’ve picked up the hyperdrive blueprint. If you’re already 20 hours in, that might be tough. In that case, short of starting over, simply making sure that any ship you look at buying has a hyperdrive will prevent you from getting stranded, at the very least. The trouble that comes in here is that some players are finding that the ships they look at don’t have hyperdrives. That seems to be a glitch. Despite picking up the pre-order ship, every ship I’ve looked at has had a hyperdrive in it, including crashed ships found on planet surfaces.

If you’ve yet to strand yourself, it’s easy to avoid if you know about it. Good luck out there. And PC players, your day has finally arrived – No Man’s Sky hits PC today.


Eric Frederiksen

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