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Galaxy Note 7 boasts best smartphone display, experts say

The Galaxy Note 7 ships with the best display you’ll get on a smartphone, according to the experts at DisplayMate. Samsung’s new phablet, which has a Super AMOLED panel at Quad HD resolution, also has the brightest display available.

Samsung’s displays are sometimes criticized for being a little over saturated, but for the past few years, no smartphone has beaten them in DisplayMate’s tests. And it seems unlikely anything will beat the Galaxy Note 7 anytime soon, either.

DisplayMate found that the device “matches or breaks” display performance records for the widest color gamut, contrast rating, contrast ratio, screen reflectance, and viewing angles. It’s also the brightest display tested so far, reaching up to 1,048 nits.

“The Galaxy Note7 delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all test and measurement categories,” reports Dr. Raymond M. Soneira.

DisplayMate also praises the Galaxy Note 7’s new blue light filter, which makes it much more comfortable to use at night. Like the iPhone’s filter, users can adjust its strength using a simple slider, and set it to activate and deactivate automatically.

One thing that’s unique about the Galaxy Note 7 is that it has two ambient light sensors — one front and back — not just one. That makes its automatic brightness adjustment even more accurate, DisplayMate says.


Killian Bell

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