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Apple gets permission to sell electricity through Apple Energy

by Jacob Kleinman | August 6, 2016August 6, 2016 12:00 pm PST

apple solar panels

Earlier this summer Apple sparked rumors that it could be pushing into the electricity business after establishing a new company called Apple Energy. Now the Cupertino firm officially has permission to start selling power back to wholesale markets, Bloomberg reports.

That means Apple Energy could sell power to public utilities, but can’t offer its electricity directly to consumers. The ruling was ordered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which noted that Apple wasn’t capable of hiking up prices unfairly. The decision goes into effect this Saturday.

Apple has been putting a big focus on renewable energy under Tim Cook’s leadership, even building a massive 130-megawatt solar farm in California. The company also owns smaller facilities in Nevada and Arizona. That power is primarily used for its offices and data centers, but¬†Apple clearly has some electricity to spare.

The Cupertino company will join Google parent company Alphabet, which also has permission to sell the power it generates through a Google Energy subsidiary. You won’t be paying your utility bill to either tech giant anytime soon, but the power you use could be coming indirectly from a Google or Apple-owned facility.


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