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Suicide Squad: Let’s talk about the mid-credits scene

by Brandon Russell | August 5, 2016August 5, 2016 6:30 am PST

As has become commonplace in big tentpole movies, especially films based on comics, there’s a mid-credits scene once Suicide Squad ends. There actually wasn’t one attached to Batman v Superman, so this almost feels like new territory for DC. So what exactly was the scene all about? Let’s chat.

It goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie.

After Task Force X saves the world from an angry Enchantress, Amanda Waller is seen with Bruce Wayne, who wants… something. The two trade barbs about security and sensitive information, after which Waller is seen handing Wayne a TOP SECRET folder with TOP SECRET information inside. Turns out, it’s a dossier on meta-humans he’s trying to find for the Justice League.

Wait, doesn’t Wayne already know other meta-humans exist?

I’m not sure why he’d need that information from Waller unless it provides clues as to where these meta-humans are hiding. He’s the best damn detective there is, so why would he need Waller’s help? In any case, Wayne is shown quickly shuffling through the report, giving us a very brief look at pictures of the Flash and Aquaman.

What’s made clear about the exchange is that their relationship is barely cordial. Waller appears to know Wayne is Batman, while Wayne knows Waller was responsible for forming Task Force X, which he warns needs to be shut down for good. What I don’t understand is why Waller chose such a boring group to fight off Enchantress when she knows Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman exist.

Instead, she settled on Slipknot, who had arguably the lamest part of the entire movie. Honestly, what was the point?

The mid-credits sequence is an obvious prelude to Justice League, which we got a glimpse of at Comic-Con last month. There are even some hints that Wayne and Waller could clash down the road. Considering how ruthless Waller was throughout Suicide Squad, you can bet she’s not done fiddling with Task Force X.

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