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Prey has a new gameplay trailer and some details

by Eric Frederiksen | August 5, 2016August 5, 2016 12:30 pm PST

While it’s definitely not the Prey we played years ago, the upcoming first-person title of the same name has me intrigued all the same.

The trailer from E3 suggested a dark, dangerous world, and the new gameplay trailer reminds me of “abandoned station” games like BioShock and Dead Space. Like those games, you’re alone in a remote outpost disconnected from the rest of the human race and fighting to survive. Like BioShock, you get some abilities thanks to something called Neuromods.

Unlike those games, though, you can turn into a coffee cup.

The creatures that now roam the station have the ability to mimic their environments, something eagle-eyed fans picked up on in the initial reveal trailer. Protagonist Morgan Yu, it turns out, picks up those abilities at some point as well. PC Gamer wrote about the unreleased demo they watched at QuakeCon 2016. In the demo, Yu gets into a locked room by turning into a coffee cup and rolling through a small gap. He can even use a Kinetic Blast move to propel himself, in mug form, while mimicking an object.

This sounds equal parts dark and weird, and I’m loving it. Prey is set to his PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2017.

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