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Pokémon GO’s PokéStops can be removed quickly, public library confirms

by Joey Davidson | August 5, 2016August 5, 2016 12:00 pm PST

Tired of all those dang kids on your dang lawn with their porkymans? Well, if your place of business, service or residence is a PokéStop or gym in Pokémon GO, it seems like you can have that fixed.

The Provo City Library in Provo, Utah, has announced that they’ve rid their facility of its four PokéStops. They made the decision to do so as they felt their property could not support the influx of new patrons looking to catch them all.

…because of the unexpected costs and increased problems we experienced, we requested the Pokémon stops be removed from the library. We were notified on August 2 that our request had been approved.

As to how the PokéStops were removed? The library doesn’t offer much, beyond that they made a request. I was able to find a page on Niantic’s site that’s simply a form to request the removal of either a PokéStop or gym.

The library expanded on their concerns in the same post.

Some of our concerns were minor: increased wear on our grass; an increase in our building’s power consumption; a dramatic increase in the amount of trash brought to the property. Other behaviors were more concerning: we witnessed people selling food and other items—like our electricity—without a permit; we witnessed many players frustrated when their cars were locked in our underground parking overnight; we’ve had complaints about noise levels and activity from surrounding properties. Parking for library events and activities became difficult as event attendees had to park blocks away from the library. Alcohol consumption on the library grounds was also reported. Most concerning were the injuries that occurred on property while playing Pokémon Go that could not be ignored by the library.

If you feel like adding a little drama to your life, head to the comment section on the post from the library. It’s pretty special.

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