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Incipio buys Griffin as phone case market consolidation continues

by Jacob Kleinman | August 5, 2016August 5, 2016 1:15 pm PST

Incipio announced today that it has acquired Griffin, a rival smartphone case company. The deal adds the 25-year-old case maker to Incipio’s growing portfolio of brands, which also includes Incase and Braven.

The deal should help both companies expand their consumer base in the U.S. and abroad. Griffin will also gain access to a stronger support system, while being allowed to maintain some of its independence. Griffin will retain its current headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Griffin has a 25-year history of designing, manufacturing and distributing iconic mobile accessories,” said Incipio CEO Andy Fathollahi. “As part of Incipio Group, Griffin strengthens our product development and manufacturing capabilities, complements our existing product lines in rugged cases, power and connectivity, and allows our brands to reach a broader domestic and international audience through enhanced distribution in the business-to-business, enterprise and education verticals.”

Incipio also announced plans to acquire Skullcandy, which makes popular headphones and earbuds, back in June. Utah-based accessory maker Zagg has been acquiring companies at a rapid pace as well. The firm acquired Mophie earlier this year after acquiring iFrogz back in 2011.


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