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Google promises fix for worldwide Nexus 6 LTE outage

by Killian Bell | August 5, 2016August 5, 2016 4:16 am PST

Google has promised to rollout a fix for a mysterious issue that has left Nexus 6 owners worldwide without LTE connectivity. In the U.S., only those connected to T-Mobile are affected, but the problem has hit many other carriers elsewhere.

“The issue isn’t limited to a carrier or version number, with users from Australia, Sweden, Canada, Finland, the U.S., and Hong Kong facing random LTE drops,” according to a report from Android Central.

It’s unclear what prompted this problem; it just appeared to hit a select group of users on certain carriers on Thursday. Most report that the issue only arises when they use LTE and location services (GPS) simultaneously.

Your data connection should be okay until you open at app that also wants to use your location, then. But until Google rolls out its fix, there is a workaround that should restore connectivity for those who are affected.

Open up the Settings app, then head into the “Apps” section. Tap the three dots in the top right, then choose “Show System.” Scroll down until you find “Google Connectivity Services,” then select it. Tap the three dots, then select “Uninstall Updates.”

Killian Bell

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